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PETS International Magazine is the leading trade magazine in the international pet industry. It has a circulation of 10,750 copies and is sent out to readers in 136 countries. Each issue covers several special themes and is packed with relevant trends, market information and company profiles. PETS International Magazine is published 6 times per year.

Last three issues:

Publication schedule

Issue Publication Date Editorial Specials / Theme Order & Material Deadline
1 - 2015 30 January Buyers Guide 2015 9 January
2 - 2015 27 February Food and accessories for overweight pets
Pets in the garden
6 February
3 - 2015 10 April Food
Small animals
Preview Zoomark
13 March
4 - 2015 5 June Natural and organic pet food
Birds, fish and other livestock
1 May
5 - 2015 4 September Pet food ingredients and machinery
Pet fashion and accessories
Global PETS Forum 2016
7 August
6 - 2015 16 October Health and safety in food and accessories
Puppies and kittens
25 September
7 - 2015 27 November Snacks and treats
Grooming and skin care
6 November


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Upcoming Magazine

Publication: November 27
Deadline: November 6

Snacks and treats
Grooming and skin care


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Issue: 5 - 2015

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