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GlobalPETS Forum Asia 2015

Tuesday 3 November 2015, Shanghai, China

Bridging business and culture

The Asian market, especially China, is a rapidly changing pet market. The increasing Asian middle classes has made the Asian pet market an interesting export market. On the other hand, Asian pet companies are discovering how to build brands in their own market as well as overseas. They are also looking around for added value products and services to create a competitive edge by acting as a full-fledged sourcing partner.

Doing business is a people’s process, where cultures and traditions meet. Join us in Shanghai a day before CIPS 2015, to bridge cultural differences and to meet your business partners of the future!

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GlobalPETS Forum 2016

Wednesday 20 – Friday 22 January 2016, Nice, France

Think like a leader, act like a leader

You can look at the changing world in a rational way, based on arguments and figures. But to truly embrace it, you need a different perception. Leading people in creation and invention is challenging.

How can you stimulate creativity as a leader? How can you manage a winning team? Successful leaders know how to safeguard their own spark of inspiration. How can you inspire others while staying true to yourself?

Join us in discovering how to think and act like a leader!

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